AST 4150 Single Adjustable Dampers


AST 4150 Single Adjustable Dampers

Key Features

Parts Included:

-Pair of Front AST 4150 Single Adjustable (12 adj, Rebound only)

-Steel Monotube Struts Pair of Rear AST 4150 Single Adjustable (12 adj, Rebound only)

-Aluminum Monotube Shocks These kits come with 12mm pin rear shocks, which is larger than the 10mm pin on the OEM shocks.

-Pair of AST Front Spring Perches for 60mm springs and your OEM upper strut mounts (removed when purchased with camber plates)

-Pair of AST Rear Ride Height Adjusters for 60mm springs Pair of Nylon Rear Ride Height Adjuster Platforms AST Tool Kit  

AST's double digressive piston developed for GRAND-AM series competition gives drivers and race engineers the best of both worlds. Drivers love the low speed damping response and body control, while race engineers love the “blow off” at high shaft velocities. When the rebound adjustment is soft, the damper curve looks similar to an OEM street shock profile. When the rebound adjustment is hard, the damper curve looks like a race shock!

Low Drag Seals - High performance seals are a challenge for any damper. They must balance friction and sealing ability while not impacting shock performance and not leaking; a difficult balancing act that AST has perfected in the 4150 Fully threaded, aluminum bodied shocks Aluminum bodied shocks now have a modular bottom eyelet that allows for the rubber bushing to be upgraded to spherical bushings Modular lower guide allows upgradability from 4150 to double adjustable 4250 or remote reservoirs Structural Improvements over the 4100, with new designs proven in GRAND-AM racing.

4150 strut models receive a new two piece top guide assembly that separates the dust seal assembly from the oil seal/bearing assembly. This two piece design is stronger in compression loading (bottoming out) and side loading (in the turn). Most models now have weld-on stabilizer brackets which take the guesswork out of setting the stabilizer height and torque setting of the clamping ring. Monotube dampers that use 22mm shafts for struts and 14mm shafts for shocks Nitrogen charged to 175 psi for 22mm shaft shocks and 265 psi for 14mm shaft shocks Utilizes AST's new Load Bearing Double Piston (LBP) for all strut designs (AST is the only coilover in this price range to use this feature).

Steel bodied strut housings and aluminum bodied shocks, coated in European KTL coating - this coating is stronger and more weather resistant than powder coat, wet paint or zinc electroplating found on most shocks Utilizes design principles required for grueling TUV testing including withstanding 1 million cycles with 1100 pounds of side load on the strut Available as Rebound-only adjustable Fully rebuildable and revalvable here in the USA Strut and shock bodies shortened appropriately for lowered performance cars The 4150 series have been street and track tested at events including SCCA Nationals, NASA Nationals, 25 Hours of Thunderhill and Grand Am races Valved for a comfortable, agressive street ride that performs great at the track with the turn of a knob.

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