Ford Performance Hood Lift Kit Mustang 2005-2014


Ford Performance Hood Lift Kit Mustang 2005-2014

Fitment: 2005-2014 Mustangs

Simply start to lift your hood and let the Hood Lift system take over. Your hood will lift and hold firmly at the raised position - no wind or bumping will knock your hood down on your head. These gas struts are rated at 90 LBS to hold up OEM and specialty hoods.

  • -Laser Engraved Ford Performance Logo
  • -90 LBS Rating
  • -Designed for all OEM base, Mustang GT, GT500, GT350, and many aftermarket hoods
  • -These hood lifts utilize two gas struts that lift and hold the hood without the need for a prop-rod
  • -Made from lightweight steel and aluminum, they feature a durable black power coated finish to give your engine bay a much cleaner appearance
  • -Includes the necessary mounting brackets
  • -No Drilling Required. The stamped steel brackets included in this kit are designed to bolt into the existing mounting holes in the hood so there is no drilling required for installation
  • -If your aftermarket hood is lighter than the factory hood, use caution when opening the hood due to the power of the strut.
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