CDC Performance Grille Mustang 2013 - 2014

  Redefine the aggressive styling of your 2013 Mustang and add a level of intimidation with the all new CDC Performance Grille.
CDC Performance Grille Mustang 2013 - 2014 This OE-quality replacement grille features a wide mouth design for enhanced performance style that greatly cleans up the appearance of your Mustang’s front end. Using the original grille’s factory mounting points, the CDC Performance Grille connects directly with the front fascia of your 2013 Mustang for a perfect and natural fit! This is a quick and easy modification that has the ability to completely enhance the front end of your 2013 V6 or GT Mustang! - The CDC Performance Grille fits all Mustang V6, GT, Boss and California Special models. - IMPORTANT: Permanent modification is required to remove the factory fog lamps during installation. - Performance Grille "GT" Emblem is sold separately and will be available soon. - This component is made of Injection Molded black ASA material. - Includes installation instructions
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