Motive Products POWER BLEEDER Brake & Clutch System Bleeders


Black Label GM/Mustang(2005+)

Power Bleeder Includes 3-Tab machined Aluminum adapter 715-1118

Includes 6' high-grade polyurethane tubing

Bleed Brakes Like the Pros! Now you can bleed hydraulic braking and clutch systems like the pros with a Motive Products

The Power Bleeder operates just like the professional mechanics tool - at a fraction of the cost.

The power bleeder uses pressurized brake fluid to force air and contamination out of your lines and cylinders, so you'll get all the air out of your system the first time you bleed. No more bleeding and re-bleeding to get an air-free system. With a Power Bleeder, one person can easily, safely and effectively bleed the hydraulic system.

Simply connect one of Motive Products custom adapters to the hydraulic fluid reservoir on your vehicle, add hydraulic fluid, and pressurize with air from the hand pump. When one of the bleed valves on the vehicle is opened, old hydraulic fluid is expelled as clean, new fluid from the pressure tank is forced into the system.

The patent-pending design avoids the need for a costly air compressor, so you can use the POWER BLEEDER anywhere (its's great for the home, shop or track). And unlike some other bleeders, you won't need to use the vehicle's spare tire as a pressure source or constantly squeeze a vacuum pump while lying on your back under the car.

WHY FLUSH AND REPLACE BRAKE FLUID? Brake fluid absorbs water from the atmosphere, lowering it's boiling point and causing corrosion of hydraulic system components. In addition, particulate contamination-microscopic particles of rust and rubber-hastens wear of moving parts. This is why manufactures and mechanics recommend fully flushing the hydraulic system annually. Pressure bleeding is the method most mechanics prefer!

The Motive Products POWER BLEEDER makes it easy for one person to flush and replace contaminated brake fluid, extending the life of your hydraulic system components. All POWER BLEEDER models come with a full 1 year warranty

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