Mustang BOSS 302R Wheel 18X10


This produc is the BOSS 302R WHEEL 18X10,  Manufactured by BBS exclusively for Ford Racing

  • -Fits Mustang Boss 302R Race Car for Grand-Am Competition
  • -Fits front and rear (requires 0.25-inch spacer at front to clear race brakes)
  • -5/8-inch wheel studs recommended
  • -If 1/2-inch studs are used Ford Racing recommends using M-1107-B and M-1104-A wheel studs along with Allstar Performance lug nut Part # ALL44102
  • -Ultralight at only 20.7lbs –  saves nearly 40lbs of rotating mass on Mustang GT (production wheel is approximately 30lbs)
  • -Flow formed casting process provides high material density, high strength and low-weight
  • -18" x 10"
  • -5-lug, 4.5" bolt circle
  • -7.2-inch backspacing
  • -Race only wheels
  • -Center caps not available for race only wheels
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