As we made our way back to the Las Vegas desert for the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational (OUSCI), we were visited by none other than Bill Tumas, from CJ Pony Parts.  If you're not familiar with Bill, head over to the CJ Pony Parts YouTube Channel and take a look at their content.  He's most famous for uttering the phrase, "and you'll be back on the road in about in hour".  The channel has many "how-to" videos that showcase some of their latest products.

Bill wanted more details about our Shebly GT500 build and we talk about how the GT500 has been transformed over the last few years.  Jonathan Blevins (Chicane23 owner/driver) and Bill discuss the history of the Shelby, where it all began and what it takes to compete in the Optima event at that level.  Check out the link below to view the full video!


CJ Pony Parts: 2019 Optima Ultimate Street Car Shootout 

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