Off-Road LED Light Bar Curved 40 Inch 240 Watt

Off-Road LED Light Bar Curved 40 Inch 240 Watt   Below you will see some of the standard features of your new 40" Curved LED Light bar:
  • Expect to get on average 30,000 hours of life from this 40" LED
  • Standard Aluminum end brackets for mounting
  • Housing for this LED Light bar is a Die cast aluminum with a Polycarbonate Lens Material
  • The combo beam pattern is the only pattern available on this light bar
  • As shown in the image, the body color is Black
  • This 40" Curved Light bar has a 6k color temperature
  • You get 80 - 3 Watt, High Intensity LEDS in this Light bar
  • Waterproof rating for this unit is IP67
  • LED Power: 240W
  • LED Current draw: 15A@12V,9A@24V
  • Operating Voltage: 10v-30v DC
  • 14,400 Lumens
Please note that the wiring harness is not included with this 40 inch Curved LED Light Bar Dimensions: 41" inches long x 3.5 inches wide x 3" Tall (without mounting feet) add 2.5" for feet out mounting and 1.5" for height
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