Off-Road LED Light Bar Curved 40 Inch 240 Watt

  This 40 inch curved LED light bar has 240 watts, carries the Lifetime LED Lights lifetime warranty. Our curved LED light bar selection is designed to get you the right LED light bar for your ride.
Off-Road LED Light Bar Curved 40 Inch 240 Watt   Below you will see some of the standard features of your new 40" Curved LED Light bar:
  • Expect to get on average 30,000 hours of life from this 40" LED
  • Standard Aluminum end brackets for mounting
  • Housing for this LED Light bar is a Die cast aluminum with a Polycarbonate Lens Material
  • The combo beam pattern is the only pattern available on this light bar
  • As shown in the image, the body color is Black
  • This 40" Curved Light bar has a 6k color temperature
  • You get 80 - 3 Watt, High Intensity LEDS in this Light bar
  • Waterproof rating for this unit is IP67
  • LED Power: 240W
  • LED Current draw: 15A@12V,9A@24V
  • Operating Voltage: 10v-30v DC
  • 14,400 Lumens
Please note that the wiring harness is not included with this 40 inch Curved LED Light Bar Dimensions: 41" inches long x 3.5 inches wide x 3" Tall (without mounting feet) add 2.5" for feet out mounting and 1.5" for height
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