Sparco Pro-Adv Competition Seat 00809FNR



Sparco Pro-Adv Competition Seat 00809FNR

The Pro-ADV competition seat is the result of a collaborative partnership between Sparco and FIA.  The goal was to identify ways to improve safety. The results are new levels in ergonomics, materials and, above all, safety are all found in the Pro-ADV seat. Increased rigidity and the use of impact-absorbing materials are the major advances found in the Pro-ADV.

  • -Large head and shoulder protection
  • -Special non-slip fabric for shoulders and bottom cushion
  • -Hans device compatible
  • -Fire retardant fabric
  • -Fiberglass Shell
  • -Lightweight (20 lbs.)
  • -FIA approved


It features large head and shoulder protectors and can be integrated with a Hans device for even greater protection.  The Pro-ADV is FIA-approved.   The one piece base and back cushion is removable and replacements are available. The Pro ADV features anti-wear material on the seat edges as well as a split base cushion to improve comfort and mobility.

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