Tokico D-Spec Shock And Strut Kit Mustang 1987-1993


Tokico D-Spec Shock And Strut Kit Mustang 1987-1993 Fitment: Mustang (Fox) 1987-1993

It's time to get your Foxbody handling better than ever with this Tokico D-Spec suspension kit! Damping specific (d-spec) adjustments allow you to change both rebound and compression damping simultaneously, allowing for maximum soft and hard settings and everything in between.

  • -Infinitely adjustable from full soft to hard
  • -Improves handling while maintaining good ride quality
  • -Adjusts rebound and compression simultaneously

Tokico’s D-Spec Series adjustable shock is a multi-use product that’s the result of sophisticated piston and valving design. In addition, it utilizes a unique variable-aperture bypass, which is controlled by an adjustable slide valve. D-Spec shocks and struts are sold in sets of four. Each set includes a manual explaining the adjustment process as well as covering suspension tuning tip. Tokico adjustable shocks give outstanding control of wheel motion, increasing cornering grip and improved ride quality. The infinite adjustment of the Tokico D-Spec series has been developed to allow the driver to tune the suspension damping for every style of driving - something that's unique to each driver.

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