Anderson Composites Carbon Fiber Doors Mustang 2005-2009


Carbon fiber doors for 2005-2009 Ford Mustang

-Price includes pair of doors

-Carbon Fiber doors weigh only 19lbs. each!

-Doors for off-highway/racing use only

-Doors include locations for most all factory hardware

-Mounts with OE hardware

Please email us for stock and availability.

Carbon Fiber Basics

Anderson Composites utilizes either a vacuum infusion or dry process to build a carbon fiber component.  A mold for a product is made from an actual OE part and then styling enhancements are added to change the overall design if needed. A single part is made of an “A” and a “B” side for hoods, doors and decklids.  Once the two sides have been formed, they are bonded together and hand finished for the best fitment.

Carbon Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP)

Anderson Composites VIP carbon fiber parts are manufactured by spraying a coat of resin on the mold, sheets of carbon fiber fabric are laid out across the mold and then a final coat of resin is applied on the fabric before being placed inside a vacuum sealed bag to cure (provides an excellent fabric-to-resin ratio). Once cured, the part is removed from the mold, trimmed and a final coat of gel coat applied and polished to protect the surface and increase the high luster finish. No additional clear coat is required.

Our carbon fiber products utilize marine-grade resin with UV inhibitor and quality 3k, 2x2 carbon fiber fabric.  The end result, is a durable and strong part that is lightweight.

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