Brembo GT Brake Kit 14" (355mm) 2-Piece Rotors 3K2.8040A

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Brembo GT Brake Kit 14" (355mm) 2-Piece Rotors 3K2.8040A

Fitment: 2005-2014 Ford Mustang

Product Description: 
  • 4-Piston Cast 2-Piece Calipers
  • 355x35x54a (14”) 2-Piece Discs
  • All Necessary Hardware Included


Caliper Body:
Cast 2-Piece Radial Mount
Caliper Piston Configuration: 4-Piston
Caliper Piston Design And Insert Type: Inner Pressure Seal / Stainless Steel Insert
Disc Type: Type 3
Disc Material/Finish: Advanced High Carbon Alloy / Unplated
Disc Diameter: 355mm
Disc Width:35mm
Disc Annulus:54mm
Disc Construction: 2-Piece Disc Assembly
Disc Vane Design: Vented Curved 72 Vane
Included Hardware
Brake Lines: Proprietary Brembo Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines by Goodridge
Mounting Hardware: Brembo Engineered CNC Billet Caliper Adapters - All Necessary Hardware Included For Ease of Installation


The certainty of extremely high performance

For more than 40 years Brembo has been fitting cars managed by the most prestigious teams in major motorsport competitions with their discs. The end result? Hundreds of World Championships won.

Starting from this DNA, from extremely high precision machining and incredibly rigorous quality control, Brembo offers an extraordinarily wide range of discs due to various ventilation solutions, slotting and fastenings.

The choice of slotting can have an impact on vehicle performance. For this reason, depending on the end application, Brembo has come up with various "patterns" for machining brake discs.

Therefore, by crossing slotting, ventilation and fastening (with pawls or teeth), an infinite number of combinations is available. This is the ideal condition when, for example, you are developing a new braking system.


A wide, customisable range

Ever since 1975 when Enzo Ferrari chose to have Brembo brakes fitted on his single-seater race cars, Brembo has been developing and fine tuning higher and higher performance braking systems. This is continuous innovations which obviously also considers the calipers.

Forged or billet machined. With 2, 4 or 6 pistons. Fitted with fixed or mobile bridge. The Brembo calipers conceived for racing offer infinite possibilities for personalising the braking system on the vehicle being outfitted.

Brembo offers an extremely wide range of solutions, even in terms of price, able to cover the specific needs of those racing in all the major competitions in the world (Nascar, Prototypes, GT, Formula 3, Endurance and Rally).

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