CorteX Double A-Arm SLA Front Suspension 2005-2014 S197 Mustang


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CorteX Entry Level Double A-Arm SLA Front Suspension 2005-2014 S197 Mustang (With Radial-X Spindles)

Fitment: 2005-2014 S197 Ford Mustang

CorteX short-long arm (SLA) suspension systems (also known as a double wishbone suspension) are a no-compromise solution to anyone that wants the ultimate handling solution for their vehicle. There really is no substitute for a properly designed SLA suspension. Compared to a front struts suspension an SLA has superior camber gain, roll center stability and in most cases additional tire clearance. Here are some key benefits to a properly designed SLA suspension:


  • -Lower lap time by 2-4 seconds depend on the length and features of the track on a back to back test with the same tires!
  • -More tire rubber on ground at any given situation.
  • -Reduced entry and mid-corner understeer without loss of rear end grip!
  • -Reduced static camber requirement
  • -Roll center much more stable both vertically and laterally making handling more consistent and predictable
  • -Much less sensitive to changes in ride height. For example, lowering the chassis one inch only causes the roll center to drop one inch.
  • -High-quality damper significantly less expensive –  e.g. double eyelet coilover shocks are nearly half the cost of equivalent struts which nearly pays for the conversion to SLA.
  • -Inherently stronger design since components are in tension and compression instead of bending


Advantage over competitors products:

  • -Quicker and easier to install
  • -Less expensive and better value
  • -Utilized more advanced and heavy duty OEM steering rack including the electronic power assist steering (EPAS)
  • -Stiffer, more reliable, and more adjustable spindle/hub assembly with integrated wheels speed sensors
  • -Damper and spring loads are fed into shock towers at the OEM load bearing point eliminating the excessive deflection found in competitors systems
  • -Stronger and stiffer k-member, shock mounts, and control arms
  • -More advanced damper selection
  • -Wide range of brake system options already available
  • -Easily adjustable roll center



Designed for use with OEM steering rack, hydraulic or EPAS.  NOT compatible with Mustang II or FOX or SN95!


  • -Radial-X Spindles
  • -K-Member
  • -Race-Duty Lower Arms (set)
  • -Upper Control Arms (set)
  • -UCA Mounts (set)
  • -Upper shock mounts (set)
  • -Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar Kit
  • -JRi Single Adjustable Shocks (other options available)
  • -Springs & Coil Over Hardware (pair)
  • -Bump Steer Kit
  • -Motor Mounts (set)
  • -EPAS rack retrofit available for 2005-2010 if desired (see options)



-EPAS Retrofit Kit (2005-2010) Does NOT include EPAS Rack.



-Shipping included in retail price!



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