Front Brake Ducts for Mustang, Boss 302 and Shelby GT500


Front Brake Ducts for SN95 and S-197 Mustangs, Boss 302 and Shelby GT500 Cooler Brakes Mean Better Lap Times and Longer Life.  

-Reduces brake fade due to heat

-Improves braking ability

-Designed to work with KB Brake Cooling Hoses and Ducts  

A must for Open Track driving!  

The Front Brake Duct Kit helps reduce front brake operating temperatures for improved rotor and brake pad life. Cooler brakes have less fade from high temperatures and provide more positive stopping power.

The Brake Cooling Duct Kit is a must have system for the demanding conditions of open-track driving or road racing. -Reduces brake temperatures -Improves life of rotor and brake pads

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