StopTech Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines - FRONT


StopTech Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines -

FRONT 2007- 2014 Mustang GT (Brembo), BOSS 302 and GT500 Improve pedal feel by replacing stock rubber lines with stainless steel-braided Teflon lines.

Stock lines expand under pressure, contributing to spongy pedal feel. StopTech lines reduce pedal travel and firm up pedal feel, allowing precise brake modulation.

Useful for drivers who "heel-toe" downshift, providing a more stable platform from which to manipulate the throttle to match engine revs to transmission speed. StopTech's lines are covered with stainless steel weave to provide support and protect from abrasion and impact.

The stainless braid is molded inside a layer of clear plastic to protect the lines from the environment and to protect your car's suspension and delicate sensor wires from the "hacksaw effect" possible with other steel-braided brake lines.

These lines are DOT compliant and may be legally used on the highway, unlike lines sold for "off-road use only."

StopTech lines have been tested and approved by the TUV for sale in Germany. 100 percent tested!

Every StopTech line is tested at 4,500 psi before it is packed and shipped. Most manufacturers perform no pressure testing. Some test random samples from their assembly line or test to lower pressures.

When installing a front big brake kit, Chicane23 strongly recommends upgrading your front brake lines.

Each brake line kit includes enough lines for both sides of your vehicle.

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